Flawless Technique Meets Modern Interpretation In Yulia Bas Paintings


When being introduced to the figures and faces of Yulia Bas, one is transported into an idiosyncratic realm of emotional uncertainty which in its depths is quite profound. Being formally trained as an artist, and with a degree in interior design and architecture, Bas has decided to play with the hidden structures of human feeling, revealing these as unfinished gesso underpaintings that are highlighted with focal structures of hyper realism that are formed by a minimalist pallet, resembling the interior designs of Axel Vervoordt.


The richness and refinement of these destructed or crumbling entities harken to classical roman friezes or frescos that have decayed from seeing centuries pass. With her painting’s poetic textures and uncertain conclusively, haunting questions are left in the viewers subconscious while they appreciatively contemplate; this moving one to internally appreciate and question what it is that makes them whole.




All images: Yulia Bas

For more information, visit the Yulia Bas website

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