Auguste Lefou Constructs 3D Portraits From The Future

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French graphic artist, Auguste Lefou, digitally molds inquisitive portraits inspired by visions of a technological future. The aesthetic is sleek, industrial with unparalleled design that bears witness to the immensity of his imagination. The characters brought into creative existence by Lefou have a stately profile about them that reel in viewers to observe the elaborate texture and an impressive level of seamless detail.

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Using C4D and Octane Render, the artist constructs images that incorporate avant-garde style choices, fused technological elements, purposive posture, and extreme clarity that enhances the 3D imagery. Many of his pieces articulate complex concepts or represent a real-world issue in a way that is nuanced yet potently novel. Lefou’s work gives viewers the opportunities to become enraptured by his sheer talent while also accessing and participating in a narrative contained in the depths of his pieces.

August Lefou-Visual Atelier 8-Art-8.jpg

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The characters he designs are immaculate and every part about their essence is modernly moving. They detour from your typical portraiture and pack a punch by offering unconventional silhouettes, advanced and offbeat. The graphic illustrations are superbly unique and can even incite a nature of unsettling curiosity. With human form as a foundation, Lefou builds a paradigm that is fabulously innovative and eternal.

August Lefou-Visual Atelier 8-Art-6.jpg

August Lefou-Visual Atelier 8-Art-9.jpg


All images with courtesy of Auguste Lefou

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