Martin Salfity’s 3D Graphics Play With Every Color In The Rainbow


Experimental animation that tickles the mind’s fancy is Martin Salfity‘s forte with his colorful and hyperrealistic visuals. His work tends to center around the way he can manipulate chromatic palettes and elements of motion in a nuclear sort of dance. Transformative and fluid, the animations have a mesmerizing effect with all the different ways of metamorphism plays out in each clip.


Salfity is methodical in the way he chooses his subjects and even utilizing a boundless array of objects to tinker with. The fruits of his creativity often result in high-resolution imagery that truly flaunt the 3D graphics’ particulars. His work has proved to even explore a more complex and molecular level, with thousands of small details meticulously strung together to produce a conglomerate that seems to be its own sentient, thriving being.


Soft blurs of the edges of the frame also enhance the talent found in Salfity’s body of work. There is simply so much to explore and be enchanted by. The polychromatic and fluttering world this artist has dexterously fabricated is thrilling to experience time and time again. Martin Salfity’s 3D animated visuals are bright, fun, and expertly curated for a wide audience to appreciate the art of motion.




All images with courtesy of Martin Salfity

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