Peter Tarka Digitally Designs Elegant Immersive Illustrations

There is a reason why name brand entities like Apple, Honda, Nike, Heineken, Google, and many more have enlisted the ingeniously styled artwork of Peter Tarka. The art director and artist has a mission to weave together “immersive illustrations using forms, shapes and bold colors,” as stated in his website’s biography. Living and working from London, Tarka digitally designs posh and elegant graphics that incorporate a wide array of elements in a conglomerate that ultimately deliver a message quite beautifully.

The dexterity in detail is astonishing to behold and the colors frolic among each other in impeccable harmony. It is extremely captivating to absorb the level of talent and skill that Tarka infuses into each and every piece. He wondrously conjures up small worlds with a congruous aesthetic, with shapes and motifs that all must exist together to become one.

All the imagery have a refined finish that gives off professional competence and a knack for intuitive artistic imagination. The lifelike visuals almost seem like gorgeous collages that could very well stand in an exhibit if brought to real world fruition. Peter Tarka has been recognized with several notable awards that only further attest to the sensational craft he creates.


All images with courtesy of Peter Tarka

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