Town And Concrete Uses Juxtaposition Of Geometrical Forms For House Structure

House Geometry by Cyril Lancelin / town and concrete is located on a hill of Perche in Normandy.

It is a house consisting of a 3x3m space assembly. This grid forms the plan of the house. Space can be the juxtaposition of several elements of the grid. Structural elements in the form of a triangle, circle or square play the role of partition and structure of these spaces, including on the roof. Sliding glass windows provide a seal with the exterior but also partition the interior of the house.

town and concrete-house geometry-visual atelier 8-12.jpg

town and concrete-house geometry-visual atelier 8-7.jpg

Thus, we move from one space to another without a corridor, just crossing from one space to another. There is a multitude of possible solutions to go from one room to another. The house offers magnificent views of the countryside, from completely open spaces or well hidden behind a concrete screen.

The same structural elements, in concrete, support the house and register it in the site. These geometric shapes give an appearance of simplicity at home. The light passes between these blocks and offers a variety of indirect lighting inside. She becomes sculptural.

town and concrete-house geometry-visual atelier 8-architecture-1 .jpg

town and concrete-house geometry-visual atelier 8-4.jpg


All images with courtesy of town and concrete

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