Andrea Marcias Is A 3D Visualizer And Digital Modeler Of Vibrant Graphics

Andrea Marcias is a 3D visualizer and digital modeler of vibrant graphics. Landscapes flourishing from a million different colors, whispering a distant breath of life into scenes of radiance. The style of his work is aesthetically influenced by moods from space and the human form. The pictures he paints are totally transcendental, extending beyond the limits of what is tangible in our world.


Alternative yet beautiful creation seems to be the brand Marcias brings forth to the realm of digital artistry. Each image is buffed, glistened, and polished to its final state of refinement that they draw viewers into believing in something truly extraordinary. Surreal beings walk the planes of existence in the fanciful worlds he creates so elaborately, they make audiences think such places exist flung somewhere past this atmosphere.


The sentient forms are molded conscientiously with each detail perfected with an inner meaning. Marcias has even gone as far as designing his very own face filter on Instagram called “futuromance,” which gives users from all over the world a chance to insert themselves in the context of his dazzling style. The artistic mind of Andrea Marcias is promising for a future of innovative concepts and seeing them come to magnificent fruition.



All images with courtesy of Andrea Marcias

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