Fleur Peters Experiments With Light, Reflection, And Colors

All these glass objects are scale-models designed by newly graduated Dutch product designer Fleur Peters for a much bigger project called ‘’The Light Conductors’’.

A (yet) unrealized design of a pavilion for Rotterdam Central Station. The reflections of the public seating installation changes during the day.  ‘’I use the sun as a source to create moments of wonder and wellbeing.’’ “I enhance the effects of the sun, to show something that is not always noticed but brings us moments of joy.’’  With these scale-models, she experimented with the visibility of light, their reflections, and mixing colors.

Every new project she challenges herself to learn something new. She starts by researching traditional glass techniques by visiting glass artists in their ateliers to get information and to master the craft. ‘’Because I’m not educated as an artisan I want to design things that are sometimes complicated or not the way it should be made according to the craft,’’ according to Peters. Her goal is to find the relation between craft and contemporary design. ‘’I like to combine traditional,- with innovative and industrial techniques. I think it’s important to develop and appreciate traditional crafts and make sure that the knowledge and cultural heritage stays preserved’’.

The Shape Series scale models are made with different kinds of glass, most of the glass is an antique mouth-blown glass that she cuts the glass in geometric shapes and then puzzles them into small objects. After polishing the edges, she glues the pieces together using UV-light. When she designs the objects, she does not think of the final product. ‘’These models can become anything, for example, big installations or pavilions, but also on a smaller scale like a vase or cabinet. The material she developed for her project ‘’The Light Conductors’’ is safety-glass this can be used for facades in architecture, shelters, street-furniture you name it. And that is also the surprising part of the design process, an infinite investigation into the visibility and application of light.


All images with courtesy of Fleur Peters


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