The Fine Materiality Of Kanghyuk’s Collection 6


Short listed for the LVMH prize, and sold through Show studio’s private online boutique Machine-A, Kanghyuk has presented their 6th collection that epitomizes the deconstructed upcycling aesthetic which has brought them praise form both the design and fashion spheres.

Hailing from South Korea and established since 2016, Kanghtuk Choi and Sanglak Shon, both MA graduates of the Royal College of Arts, focus their collection on materiality, repurposed synthetic textiles, minimalistic pallets and maximalist organic-esq prints, that are all united through a 19th century Nasa space station suit dynamic.



Kanghyuk are known for using vehicle airbags to fashion their polyamide and nylon outfits. Many of their pieces have circular ventilation holes, exposed colored stitches, plastic industrial category coded motifs as well as mind expanding silhouettes that are more akin to Japanese manga mecha warrior uniforms and the new avant-garde street wear then anything traditionally Eurocentric. Kanghyuks’ Collection 6 is as much a utilitarian artistic assemblage as it is a set of fashionably collectable statement pieces.




All images: Sangmin Yu

For more information, visit the Kanghyuk Instagram

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