The Emblematic Portraits Of Joseph Lee

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The Los Angeles based artist Joseph Lee analyzes the scope of human emotion and how they’re expressed outwardly as well as inwardly through his individualistic paintings.

What is most striking about Lee’s paintings are the bold fragments of paint that make up his subject’s face. Through such a volatile and intelligent technique, the artist is able to devise each brushstroke to pronounce the endless tangles of feeling that humans exhibit.

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Lee meticulously introduces a portrayal of identity that incites a bodily acknowledgment towards viewers experiencing the concepts illustrated in the paintings. The thickness of the brushstrokes and the colorwork hand in hand to create a wholeness that is quite palpable, despite yet also in thanks to the many different directions the face of the works are pulled to.

The mosaic that emblems seems wholly relatable as a human, it exudes a knowing and viewers may even find themselves within the conglomerate of paint. The facial features do not need to be clearly delineated in order to be seen and Lee executes this fact rather immaculately. His visions have unsurprisingly translated well onto a different kind of canvas as seen in clothing like shoes and denim jackets, Lee’s spirited aesthetic is truly timeless.

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All images with courtesy of Joseph Lee

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