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The Explosive Emotional Lyricism Of Nuestra

Nuestra Visual Atelier 8 Art 1.jpg

Melting fireless flames, emotional exhausts, racing fluids and glimpsed partial faces, all such terms characterize the design ethos of Januz Miralles, who is the multi-medium Filipino artist who goes by the name Nuestra. His style seems a unique mashup of Egon Schiele line drawings, found object paper collages, abstract liquid splat lyricism (pour painting) and dark, glaring emotional power.

Nuestra Visual Atelier 8 Art 2

What is most distinctive, is how he seems to allow natural forces and the puzzling uncertainties of chance, to add destructive, expressive elements to his well accomplished physiognomies. Faces and often bodies with photo realistic detail, merge with soft liquid patterns that move in gyres and curling lines, as his figures begin to partially evaporate.

Nuestra Visual Atelier 8 Art 5

Nuestras’ pieces have been shown in numerous magazines and galleries across Europe, including the Unit London, which is known for its fascination with large gesso and abstract boundary pushing works. Nuestra has found a way to make the dark and uncertain elements of life, symbols of transcendent freedom.

Nuestra Visual Atelier 8 Art 3


All images: Nuestra

For more information, visit the Nuestra website

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