The Chairless Chair Increases Productivity And Decreases Physical Strains


Creating an ergonomic, comfortable, and even more productive workplace without extensive changes at the workplace – thanks to the Chairless Chair® by Marc Sapetti, this now is possible. All it takes to work in a healthy position is putting on our device, which only requires a few seconds. The Chairless Chair® allows you to effortlessly switch between an active sitting, standing, and walking position. This Innovation doesn’t cost you money – it saves you money, since the use of the Chairless Chair® reduces the amount of sick days and decreases capacity constraints. The Chairless Chair allows for quick, easy and flexible changes between sitting, standing and walking.



After the successful collaboration on the first Chairless Chair, Sapetti has been appointed to be the DFM (design for manufacture) partner for the next generation of Chairless Chair. Teaming up with the engineering consultancy Zuhlke and the noonee engineering team, we strongly focused in optimizing the comfort and user experience of the CC while also improving manufacturing of the parts and assembly strategy. The result is a highly technical looking product, inspiring strength and resilience as well as appearing lighter (in fact it is up to 25% lighter!) than the original CC.



One thing is for sure, demographics are changing. Employees are getting older, which puts them at a higher risk of suffering from backpain. Diseases of the muscle tissue and the skeleton are already responsible for one fourth of all sick days. This creates enormous costs, and therefore, we need a clever solution – and we don’t need this solution someday, we need it today!



Photography by ( with courtesy of Marc Sapetti

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