500 B.C. Draws Inspiration From Ancient Cultures

500 B.C. is a neoteric lighting and object design studio based in Mumbai, India.

The founders and designers, Anandita Shah and Shiraz Noorani draw inspiration from the ideology and artistic vision of ancient cultures as well as from modern architects, art, and cinema. They create light sculptures that are ‘lit up’ from within, occupying the mind as well as the spaces they inhabit.

Aslant lamp

This minimalist lamp is inspired by the steel installations (Torqued Ellipses) of artist Richard Serra.  A steel sheet is curved into shape around an elliptical base, to create the form of the lamp. The bulb/orb balances on a seemingly unstable structure. The Aslant lamp is an attempt to portray the illusion of instability.  The lamp is highly polished to reflect and distort its surroundings and manipulate ambient light.  It is available in coloured metallic tints as well as matt colours. 

Snake lamp


The lamp is a geometric snake, created by bending a single sheet of stainless steel.  In India the snake is worshiped and is a potent symbol of regeneration. The twisted design of the Snake lamp follows a path through a maze that eventually rises up to find the light source.  The design is reminiscent of Tetris- a game that I loved to play as a child. The lamp is highly polished to reflect and distort its surroundings and manipulate ambient light.  It is available in coloured metallic tints.

Morpheus Lamp 


The name implies an apparition that comes to life as a lamp. Steel sheets are layered to form a lamp that washes the wall softly with a diffused light. Coloured in various shades flowing from ethereal to bold, the curves add softness to any space. The amorphous shapes are open to interpretation and reflect the fluidity of our perceptions. 



All images with courtesy of 500 B.C.


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