Particles Evolving Into Complex Structures In Kirill Maksimchuk Digital Work

Kirill Maksimchuk is an art director, digital artist and motion designer born in Kaliningrad, Russia. With a professional experience extending through the 12 years, his projects have been listed in the modern design trends. His artworks collected several dozens of awards in the following categories: digital art, motion design, and illustration.

The most significant public fairs and the art events recognized the value of his works in presenting him as a valuable member of their happenings. With his artwork titled “Cybermancer” Kirill participated as a guest jury at the London Digital Art Exhibition “Digital Decade 5” in 2017.

Neuro Ocean was the project presented at the Australian festival “Pause Fest 2019” at which he took apart as a guest motion designer. This artwork is focused on visualization of the merging process and the discussion of the human mind evolving into the new environment of virtual data systems.

Korean Museum of Modern Art in Seoul exhibited his projects twice and yet with the work he supplies his client companies such as Nike, Google, Mercedes, Samsung, Bayer, Macallan and the other.

Kirill Maksimchuk-Visual Atelier 8-Art-3.jpg

Kirill Maksimchuk-Visual Atelier 8-Art-2.jpg

For himself, Kirill finally claims to be obsessed with music, art, computer games and nature. The most significant impulses of inspiration he sees in a human body, environment, biology, neuropsychology, and astronomy. Abstract – is the word that can describe his projects in a very certain way.

Particles evolving into complex structures and rising shapes in giving a sense of both: the organic and the artificial look in harmonious joining. Lines and patterns in the process of morphing into unusual and unexpected patterns. Wonders are discovered in the acts of – just as he claims: “Experimenting and exploring.”

Kirill Maksimchuk-Visual Atelier 8-Art-8.jpg


All images with courtesy of Kirill Maksimchuk

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