Sher Maker Renovates Boonma Cafe With An Exterior Curtain

Boonma by Sher Maker is a renovate program of cafe originally located on a hill land surrounded by massive trees.

With 6 meters high of the existing building with relatively limited access distance. The building is blended with a massively private forest and the atmosphere of the disordered natural landscape. We very conscious to start with an ordinary element likes wall because it is the basic element that determines the boundary of the area. What if we break the boundaries and dissipate with the surrounding context? But at the same time, what would happen if we wanted to define a new boundary using materials or plane that creates blur and dilution between inside and outside area.

Sher Maker created a 6-meter exterior curtain high as large as the original building. Run follow the curve using the radius of the original building to determine the shape Insert between the original tree and hang materials like opaque plastic curtains to disguise the building from the viewpoint of the entrance. The exterior wall is covered with a mirror to dissolve the elevation and created a curved curtain frame that encircles by the reflection to reflect the environment and the surrounding landscape.

Exterior Curtain has two functions: The first is to create a new boundary for the landscape in the area. And another function is an Interactive wall for users to have to handle and open the curtain by themselves to enter the building. It is another simple way to create interaction between people and areas.

Sher Maker-Boonma-Visual Atelier 8-Architecture-7.jpg

Sher Maker-Boonma-Visual Atelier 8-Architecture-8.jpg

Due to the context, shady and full of trees. Inside the building, the architect is responsible for re-layout of the function and wrap the building with a light filter for reducing the light that entering the building. All interior moods mainly to give the most prominent view of the people inside the building can see trees and landscapes from the external terrace.

All of the design and building process still mainly experimental and co-working between Sher Maker and local builder team, We still trust in the way we work in this direction in a small team, to set up a question between architectural and context and how forming of each architecture from process to final building was built.


Photography by Rungkit Charoenwat with courtesy of Sher Maker

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