Elliana Esquivel Draws Aesthetically And Emotion Infused Illustrations


Elliana Esquivel, also known as @elesq on her social media platforms is a young imaginative woman who gives comfort and raises awareness with her art.

Esquivel is an illustrative artist that is able to bring beautiful and intricate emotion to anyone looking at her variety of drawings, with her great attention to the coloring and shapes that she creates. Esquivel adds a variety of details into her sketches, one of them being bandages along her models legs and arms. She portrays these models in their individual scenes as having a sense of sadness by the look on their faces, however there is a beauty deep within this sadness. There are hints toward the models’ weariness in the drawings, which can be seen specifically on their faces and their posture. Esquivel plays around with the theme of water as well.



The water in the illustrations seems to be tied to the feeling of drowning, as many of the models are waist deep in water, or surrounded by water that seems to be coming into the room with no sign of stopping. Many of her sketches also focus on the women’s head, a variety of images either replacing the head or the head being opened up. There are so many different feelings that Esquivel creates in her work, as her models seem to be overwhelmed with a variety of things, a feeling that many people can relate to. While her work is so emotionally driven, there is an undeniable sense of detailing to her work with the lining and strategic placement and choice of color. Many of these drawings focus on the idea of interior space and the human form, which she articulates flawlessly. Her aesthetic is simplistic, making the variety of statements in her work stand out the most. 



Images with courtesy of Elliana Esquivel


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