Jon Emmony Astounds The Masses With Thrilling Digital Imagery Of Technologic Exploits

Jon Emmony is really out here in this crazy and fast world composing digital art that somehow surpasses this current pace, propagating the creative realms with frenetic visions of a dazedly septic future.

Working from London in creative direction, this artist has taken to the astral heights when it comes to the concepts he constructs. Viewing his work can feel like an indulgent saturation into the purulence of the technological infection we as humans have all succumbed to, in all of its beauty and possibility. There is something that shimmers within Emmony’s brand of design, he implements an intelligence that speaks on several planes of cultural and societal narratives. Each piece is a litany in visual immensity, seas of chrome and sharp feelings. The range is absolutely eternal as Emmony concocts a newness to every expression, fusing all kinds of different motifs, symbols, and forms into the pieces. The nature of his style is cruelly irresistible, piercing the mind in the best of ways.


Emmony has garnered the acclaim of many popular brands and celebrities around the planet. The digital artist has exclusively developed phenomenal visuals for artists like The 1975, Grimes, and Charli XCX. His work is so universal that he was even commissioned to craft two large scale images for The Junipers Psychiatric intensive-care unit. Jon Emmony is an everlasting force majoring in the vast, the untold, and the fantasy. There is just so much more to anticipate from the mind of Emmony as he continues to baffle us all with his wicked artful tendencies.




Images with courtesy of Jon Emmony

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