Château-Scope By LMTLS Reveals A Magical Scenery


This proposal seeks to generate a new dynamic between site and experience with the introduction of treehouse modules.

The shift in perspective offered by the tree houses will allow for a renewed understanding of Château de La Mothe Chandeniers. Located along the circumference of the castle site, the modules seek to mirror the relationship between the earth and the sun. A slanted roof screen creates a temporal veil to incite curiosity for visitors. Arch openings in the slated roof, generated by sightline analysis, allow each visitor to encounter a full range of scenery. When viewed through the module arches, Mothe Chandeniers is transformed to emulate a castle within a snow globe, recalling the magic of childhood within the viewer.


Module 1 has minimal required programs whereas Module 2 has an additional separate volume added to Module 1. These modules would be located maintaining an identical strategy in placement. Because each site is unique in layout and context, the placement of the modules can be retrofitted around a central ruin in other sites to create the same relationship in Ebaupinay and Vibrac castles as well. Folding glass doors and curtains maximize the porosity of the treehouse and hammocks and swings can be installed under the slated roof screen at ground level. Depending on an interior or exterior vantage point, the building will appear with the window facing towards the castle, the traditional treehouse, and the abstract screen structure. This proposal of the treehouse comes into conversation with the arch openings and radial motif of Mothe Chandeniers. The interaction between old and new seeks to complement and enhance the historical significance of the architecture seen in Mothe Chandeniers.




Project Title: Château-scope
Designer: LMTLS (Daeho Lee, Beomki Lee, Jaeyual Lee)
Location: Mothe Chandeniers, France
Program: Treehouse

Photography with courtesy of LMTLS

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