Flower Vase As A “Picture” By Oguchi / Design


Flower is always beautiful, from bud to withered.

This vase was made with an intent to show off the beauty of flower. Artists are eager to draw flowers. Every flower has different color and shape while transforms in everchanging conditions of time. Moreover, people naturally think that flower is beautiful. This makes it attractive to the artists. Artists use a brush to draw flower on a canvas but this time, a fresh flower will turn to be a fresh picture.


Just a 0.8mm thick cut and bent steel circle shaped plate becomes the background of vase. A small circle is added to the front as a glass bottle cover. At the bottom, 2.3mm thick heavy steel plate stabilizes the vase. “Picture” was made two times before. Versioning in pre-production stages dealt with stabilization and realization of idealized model. Finally, OGUCHI / DESIGN came up with an available product. Third model clearly realized the concept of daily home accessory.





Images with courtesy of OGUCHI / DESIGN


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