Bruno Cerasi’s (He)Art Is Still Like Water

Taking after a Cantonese way of saying, as well as being the name of one of his latest projects (SAM JYU ZI SEOI – a heart like still water, 2018), Bruno Cerasi’s art is a hymn to life with its ebbs and flows.

It is an open dialogue with the viewers, aiming to communicate to as many persons as possible and to build invisible yet perceptible soulful connections. Bruno Cerasi is a visual artist, with no allegiance to any particular medium. He loves to explore and plunge himself into new experiences. The ether is the space he chooses to investigate and the backdrop to his artwork, yet the human being and its presence are always center stages.

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Relentlessly evolving in shapes and colors, his art is the result of a serious blow in his private life. From there, Bruno started seeking all kinds of contrasts, having the consistent need to juxtapose dark and light, black and white, day and night, working at the edges of each possible relationship. His earlier projects speak of human needs, intrinsically his own, and express a strong incommunicability which he himself was experiencing. The onlooker is soaked up in daily routine moments disrupted and torn apart, or actions investigated beyond reality’s boundaries. His artistic practice is a lot about the viewers, nearly as much as it is about his personal life. As he faces the perks of being alive, his art does that too as a reflection. He is amazed by how art can be a key to unlock an understating of the reality we inhabit, able to update its nature in a versatile way to apt to the time being. Cerasi is then consciously working and producing toward this end.

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Yet, the artist is definitely amused by whatever happens when the spectator enters the invisible aura of his artworks. He is triggered by the undetectable red thread that connects people to his oeuvre, thus letting the viewers themselves become an integrating part. This feature is highlighted in his ongoing project and virtual show with On Stream Gallery Are We All Connected?. The project consists of having people from all over the world making their own origami butterfly following Bruno’s step by step video and taking a picture of the outcome. Then posting on social media, and geo-tag their beloved place. The geographical pins are subsequently transposed on a virtual map, which is the preparatory model for a bigger comprehensive artwork, yet to be realised. Beyond time and space, there is Bruno revolutionary artwork, letting people speak and share who they truly are, whilst travelling afar to their selected destination.



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Images with courtesy of Bruno Cerasi

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