Fabio Viale Tattoos Magnificant White Marble Sculptures

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Fabio Viale, a sculpturer born and raised in Cueno, Italy creates inspired works of art with a modern twist.

Viale’s sculptures appear to be greatly inspired by ancient Greek and Italian sculptures, with the great style and story that he creates in his work. However, he has added his own special technique to these pieces. Viale covers his sculptures in a great detailing of body art. This body art is of course mirroring another form of art, tattooing, particularly a more classic style of tattoos – however, there is still a great sense that there are ancient themes embedded in this veneer of art of an already beautiful piece. Viale primarily uses white marble to create his sculptures, as he branches out in the different shapes that he makes.

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He has referred to the tattooing on his work as “criminal tattoos”, most of them having dark shading and tones as their base color. While Viale already shows his craftsmanship as a professional sculpture, his detailing on the piece itself solidifies his well rounded artistic abilities. Viale’s work is not confined to his body tattoo sculptures, yet extends into a sculpture that tells a powerful story. Some of his work has gone into the realm of seemingly religious looking scenes, within these pieces you feel a sense of angelic release. While Viale’s work has an old and ancient feel to it, there is a powerful force that adds a contemporary glow and gives new life to old creations.

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Images with courtesy of Fabio Viale


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