Kim Rose Creates An Increasingly Immersive Experience


Kim Rose’s fine art large pieces are beyond merely visually aesthetic.

The pieces outpour from architectural and natural inspirations combined, aiming to create good art for a good mission. Starting her artistic career while majoring in business and minoring in arts, she ventured on experimenting with multiple media before unearthing her own. From watercolors to minimal lines drawings – which suddenly went viral also becoming tattoos – to resin, it has been quite a journey. Now, resin is the medium Kim Rose is mostly acquainted with, and the lavishly amusing finish of her artworks embed a thoughtful-throughout process. Kim is constantly wearing a full-face mask while painting, and little grains of dust can result in huge problems if not prevented from falling on the piece. Long hours of attentive work are required. Kim Rose often works with media such as 24k gold leaves hence she wants her artworks to capture the viewers’ attention from afar, pulling them to get closer and carefully unveil every small comprehended detail.  

Kim Rose Visual Atelier 8 art-7.jpg

Most of her paintings are forerun by a vision, she often visualizes the image of the panel in her head to go off. This was also the case with Tulum, her very last piece. To turn the forethought into something real, she went to Mexico to witness the exotic yet peaceful wilderness of the place. “I knew going to Tulum, Mexico was what I needed for this piece. To feel the heat, the water, the sand, the salty kisses. Tacos and tequila while overlooking the jungle helped break out of my head and see my vision with a fresh perspective. The natural beauty and architecture in Tulum served as a huge inspiration.” The texture of the panel takes after the Dead Sea pattern as per the commission, then she pursued her instinct and used pigments evoking the emerald blue depths of the ocean in series of organic movements which increasingly become an immersive experience. This modus operandi is core to the majority of her works. Soft and gentle, moving yet still, Kim Rose art waves at your heart as ocean’s tides.

Kim Rose Visual Atelier 8 art-4.jpg

Kim Rose Visual Atelier 8 art-2.jpg


Images with courtesy of Kim Rose

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