Leonardo Silva Brings To Life A 3-D And Neon Wonderland


Leonardo Silva, a vibrant 3-D digital artist, brings viewers of his art into an extraterrestrial world.

Silva’s use of psychedelic and neon coloring is a classic touch of his technique and gives his work a special heartbeat. Many of his pieces play around with a surrealistic and futuristic look, with a variety of scenes or objects that are hued with his artistic lens. Silva’s pieces that focus on one object have the look of the specific object hanging in mid-air, the background color having a glow and glitter tint to it as well. Many of these objects differ from flowers, light fixtures, and even some weapons. This trick of the eye feels immersive and like the viewer is able to take a deep dive, headfirst into a different world.



While this experience seems like it places you into a different realm, there are still a lot of real-life themes that Silva touches on. His pieces seem to take a grasp at the nervous system in a human, and different veins and movements that one could find in the human body. He takes steps towards skeletal themes as well. However, with the distinct lines in his work that glow with the neon coloring, even objects that have nothing to do with the human body seem to have a vivid life and flow to them. His work plays greatly on the idea of light as well, which goes hand and hand with his neon glowing theme. Silva’s talent electrifies the artistic world and brings a modern flare to a variety of unique objects. 



Images with courtesy of Leonardo Silva


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