Ronald Kuang Dives Into Immersive Digital Anime Illustrations 

Ronald Kuang, also known as @seerlight on his social media platforms, is a young and talented artist based in Los Angeles, California.

His artistic abilities allow the viewer of his work to dive into a different realm. Kuang’s world is immersive with his use of coloring and landscape illustrations that are inspired by Tokyo, Japan. Some of his pieces have the ability to excite and open the mind with the city views that he creates. Other pieces create a peace and comfort while we take a peek inside of an aesthetically pleasing bedroom in the lateness of an evening. Kuang’s work is most notable for his digital illustrations, breathing life into his work. Within the movement of his pieces he makes the night sky move and water ripple.


He is specific in his digital illustrations on what he decides to give movement to, while some of the visuals in the piece stay stagnant. It’s with this technique that gives these pieces a simple look to them while still being filled with purposeful movement that Kuang creates. There is refined detailing to each illustration, that makes cartoon lifelike. Due to the nature of some of his creations, there is a sense of home to the space that Kuang makes. Kuang’s use of coloring is bright in tone however with his use of transition from light to darker tones in the background of the piece, it gives the work a comforting ambience. Kuang’s technique makes each creation unique, as he continues to produce more work that perfects his craft. 



Images with courtesy of Ronald Kuang

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