Thibaut Buccellato Captures The Most Prized Sunsets Of A Lifetime

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Thibaut Buccellato, a French director, specializes in capturing the universal fascination for the phenomenon that graces our presence almost every day.

The effortless turning of the earth, away from the sun, that douses the most expansive part of living in the sweetest colors, right above our heads and depending on your location, all around you. Buccellato is a sunset aficionado and relishes in these moments of transition, when our skies broadcast our smallness with such grace. Humans are spoiled to receive this moment of organic beauty. Buccellato never takes a single sunset for granted, immortalizing it in his photography and videography. His images encapsulate the miraculous nature of it all as if one were witnessing it in person. Moving and immersive, Buccellato has a keen eye for perspective when it comes to shooting his shots.

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He emboldens the images with striking emphasis on the way the sky unfolds in a gorgeous gradient, from pink to orange to blue to purple and all the countless shade variations in between. Many of the photos are taken in Paris, where the sky envelops the city’s facade in pleasantly ravishing ways. The clouds that are captured by Buccellato also add a layer of depth to the imagery. These clouds can reflect and host even more chromatic displays, streaking the skies with softness that feels absolutely divine. As a director, Buccellato has worked on films that have garnered acclaim and been showcased in film festivals. His knack for stunning point of views and eagerness for beauty is what makes him a stellar artist, one to keep an eye out for because his talent will surely take him to great heights.

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Images with courtesy of Thibaut Buccellato

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