Thon Illustrates Gothic And Punk Surrealism Portraits

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Thon, also known as @svvshi on his social media platforms, is a talented illustrator and digital artist that has gone headfirst in the realm of gothic and surrealistic art.

Thon, as a young artist, has exploded on social media and inspired a community of like-minded creatives. Thon’s work plays heavily with the theme of horror and a variety of bone-chilling images that express a truly creative and imaginative mind. Many of Thon’s portrait illustrations move and change, one moment appears to be a punk rock kid modeling for a drawing, and in a rapid change the next moment he is seen with his mouth exploding with sharp teeth and multiple tentacle tongues. These quirky and sinister images are what sets the tone of Thon’s drawings. Diving deeper into Thon’s work, there is a common theme of playing around with the movement of the face, such as skin being pulled apart and off of the bone.

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Oftentimes these images will reveal another creepy image that was really hidden beneath the surface of what one appeared to be a normal-looking face. Sometimes what’s really hidden underneath, is gooey intestines below the face. His diabolical technique inspires many other creatives that celebrate the beauty that is in these darker themed images, and that perhaps not everything is always as it appears to be upon first glance. A lot of Thon’s creations are amazingly thought up, such as the drawing of heads with spider legs that could practically crawl up into your nightmares. Thon does not shy away from the guts and gore of horror and has created a variety of monsters that somehow still appear beautiful. 

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Images with courtesy of Thon

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