Aurélia Durand Is A Visionary And Storyteller Of Diversity


Artist and bestselling author, Aurélia Durand, ventures to establish her expression of what it means to embrace diversity in all of its wholeness.

Through animation, paintings, and the written word, Durand brings forth a multidimensional representation of Afro-descendants and how this community is instrumental in creating a more unified future for generations to come. Her undauntedly spirited illustration style exhibits a fluidity that is inclusive to an ever-expanding individuality found within. Durand’s work can be described as contemplative with a style that is booming with just about every color in the rainbow, marked by the thoughtful shades in between. Her depiction of humans are totally universal and there is a palpable sense of solidarity to the images she presents.


Through her dazzling visuals, Durand demonstrates the vividness and complexity of being Black in this world. The imagery is profoundly moving, with an inherent uplifting sentiment sown into the scenes she creates. With her platform, she draws upon important social issues to bring about awareness to the injustices happening in our society today. Durand is an innovator who explores the depths of her creative gifts to fulfill ethical purposes while also invigorating her own artistic expression. Her visual scapes are absolutely awe-inspiring and packed with meaning, one can find a great well of appreciation for the dedication to her craft. As a poetic visionary, Aurélia Durand continues to do groundbreaking work that is leading to increased knowledge and a more chromatic, greater future ahead.


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Images with courtesy of Aurélia Durand

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