Brellias Visualizes A 3-D Art Realm Into The Unknown

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Brellias dives into a different realm of 3-D art, with translucent coloring that bursts with new ideas and images.

Brellias, a talented 3-D art director based in Santiago, Chile, has begun a line of work in image manipulation. Their work takes us into a variety of places, and most recently into an extraterrestrial realm. Each of Brellias’ pieces tells some kind of a story, such as the abduction of an astronaut, an elf-like creature sitting in a meadow, or a spider emerging from a cave. This world of fantasy has been created by Brellias, it is a complete way of escape when looking at the images. Some of these images borderline between calming vibes while still maintaining an eerie feeling of the unknown future.

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Brellias’ work has a translucent glow to it, however, this does not diminish the stunning colorization that is injected into the images. Brellias plays with hues of pinks, blues, and purples that gives the work a sense of peace. These colors glow and are perfectly placed throughout the piece. The glowing shades of color vary in their placement, such as the glowing orange eyes of a skeleton head, the glow at the opening of a cave, or even the glow of a savior helping someone from falling down into a canyon. Brellias has stated that their work is “visualizing the future so you don’t have to”, and it is clear that the future Brellias has dreamed up is glowing with possibility and beauty. 

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Images with courtesy of Brellias

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