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Javier Martin Dreams Up Vivid Neon Installations

Javier Martin Visual Atelier 8 art - 09.jpg

Javier Martin creates beautiful works of art that are based on his own experiences and has consistently tried to break away from the regular artist mold to bring work that is strictly from his own mind and people that he has met in his life travels.

This has given him the passion to use a variety of different materials in his work and truly begins to unravel an array of ideas that a beholder might dive into when looking at some of his pieces. Originally from Spain, Martin began to create his contemporary art and perfect his own unique style. Martin’s work is known for his art installations that have developed into a new aesthetic. His most current works are portraits of a model, whose eyes have been replaced with a neon scribble or line. The neon strip is placed methodically in other areas of the piece as well and often zips through the entire portrait in a smooth curve. This iconic symbol that is unique to his work has given the capability of creating art installations that are specific to him.

Javier Martin Visual Atelier 8 art - 98.jpg

Martin has called this type of work a part of a “blindness concept”, and provokes a lot of thought when looking at the different varieties of this piece.  In his solo exhibition at the Andong Cultural and Art Center in Korea allows viewers to place themselves in the piece, and to have their own eyes covered with this same lit up neon shape. Martin’s work pleases aesthetically, yet simultaneously invites a thoughtful reflection when looking at the pieces he has dreamed up. Martin has been quite active in celebrating his work recently. His last two projects included a solo show at Korea’s Koo House Museum and a showing at the TEAF 2020 Festival. Javier Martin aims to please and amaze the minds of millions, there is no limit to his imaginative range.

Javier Martin Visual Atelier 8 art - 76.jpg

Javier Martin Visual Atelier 8 art - 8.jpg

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Images with courtesy of Javier Martin


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