Joe Mortell Unearths Gorgeously Detailed 3D Scenes

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Joe Mortell is an awe-inspiring 3D artist who creates environmental anatomies, stunning spaces that shoulder nuanced elegance in every detail.

The interiors and exteriors amalgamate into a splendid scene, one can find all kinds of beauty in the way Mortell conveys a particular aesthetic with each 3D creation. There is an advanced level of design that goes into the arrangement of elements for each image. They appear to be entirely real as if one could simply fathom visiting such a realistically imagined location. Mortell seamlessly frames dreamscapes that encounter every color possible. Additionally, there is much to appreciate when noticing how the artist adds delicate layers such as shadowing.

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It adds a certain depth and sense of tranquility when observing how the sunlight casts shadows through trees, designed arches, and inventive furniture. Mortell finetunes his creative ability with how polished the imagery appears. Focusing on a variety of shapes, he incorporates the body of many different forms in order to instill a lively and visually riveting piece. Working from the disciplines of art direction, animation, and illustration, Joe Mortell is a true craftsman in fabricating such multidimensional work that elevates surrealism in design. His visuals have received recognition from The New York Times, Louis Vuitton, Volkswagen, and other notable clients. Joe Mortell has a rare gift for bringing truly fantastical scenes to life.

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Images with courtesy of Joe Mortell

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