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Michael Benisty Creates Stunning And Majestic Sculpture Installations 

Michael Benisty, an amazing sculpturist creates beautiful images that dazzle anyone that is able to come and view his work.

Benisty’s work is heavily inspired by the human figure, and he often poses them in a mid embrace or holding hands. This romantic and intimate look of the sculptures demonstrates a moving image to his installations. Some of the sculptures are stand-alone silhouettes, standing in a powerful pose. These installations are often placed in the middle of a desert, the vast horizon of emptiness surrounding it. The materials that Benisty uses are reflective and resembles mirrors. He occasionally uses a gold-like material, and shiny metals, giving off a beautiful glow and shine to each of the sculptures. The way that his sculptures are posed gives off a sense of majesty and power.


The grand size of the pieces makes these models look and seem larger than life. Benisty is attentive to different attributes of his pieces, as the detailing on the sculptures truly embodies the overall beauty of the piece. These details, more specifically, are the textures that he adds to the piece. These textures are specific to the various sculptures and make each piece unique. Some of these pieces have sharp geometric lines that give the sculpture a harsher texture, while other pieces are smooth. These smooth lines show the beautiful creases of a cloak that the model is covered in, as though this cloak is also being rippled by the wind. Benisty’s work is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, creating a stunning visual to the beholder. 






Images with courtesy of Michael Benisty


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