Rob Mulholland’s Art Installations Bridge The Gap Between Humans And Nature

Rob Mulholland invigorates the art world with his environmentalist and artistic abilities.

Mulholland’s art attempts to bridge the gap between us as humans and the natural world. Rob Mulholland’s sculptures are installation-based and sit in a variety of places to get the overall effect of his work. Mulholland will place his sculptures within a green forest, in the middle of a small body of water, and occasionally in the middle of a dry and dying land. His most recent works have begun to gravitate toward a reflective state, often using mirrored and reflective tools to create the sculpture. Mulholland sets his installations in the middle of a forest, reflecting in the mirrored image is the bright beautiful greenery of the forest looking back.


Some of these mirrored images are slightly warped as well, making it difficult to see any clear cut image of the forest beyond. When the sculpture is placed within a body of water, there is an unspoken deepness that is seen within the imagery. These kinds of images beg a variety of different questions, primarily self-reflection between what ties us together with the natural beauty of nature. These powerful visuals of the silhouettes are not only found within the reflection that appears back but in the variances from human forms to different types of animal-like heads with human-like bodies. The pose that he sets them in tells a lot about the vibe and feel of the piece, again emphasizing the tie between human and nature. Mulholland continues to press on into a new realm of imagery and beauty for the human eye to behold.





Images with courtesy of Rob Mulholland

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