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Boris Pelcer Provides A Visual Journal Of His Own Contemplations


Boris Pelcer (b. 1985, Sarajevo, Bosnia, SFR Yugoslavia) is an artist based out of Milwaukee, WI, USA.

His work explores and aims to visually capture various abstract, intangible and sometimes seemingly incomprehensible notions. It is an exploration of things that are either utterly fascinating or exist beyond the limits of human capacity for understanding. Most of what he explores in his art is rooted in his reoccurring thoughts: “It feels rather fascinating and somewhat absurd to exist specifically as a human being, to need the life force of plants and other living creatures to continue existing, to be self-aware, to have consciousness, to be capable of using language, having the capacity to feel, think, contemplate, to seek pleasure, to feel pain, to explore, and to be painfully aware of our fleeting nature as a mortal living organism, existing on this pale blue dot, hurling through space in supposed infinity.” Considering what inspires him, his work can be seen as a visual journal into his thoughts, feelings, and contemplations. It is a stroll of curiosity in search of something insightful, for both himself and the viewer alike.






All images with courtesy of Boris Pelcer


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