Leaping Creative Narrates A Story Of Industrial Remains’ Rebirth


The store located in the newly completed K11 MUSEA is within a huge business complex that sits in Tsim Sha Tsui and is adjacent to the Victoria Habour, with Central standing on the other bank.

The view of the prosperous metropolis well known across the globe for the past century has been interacting with the primitive but perpetual force from the sea. K11 MUSEA is situated on the site of old Taikoo Wharf, one of the main cargo wharves in Hong Kong in the 1910s. With the first floor underground below the sea level, its industrial style decoration allows visitors to have a unique visual experience that the entire floor is a relic of the submarine industry.



The project started with the Leaping Creative’s design team visit to the large recycling facility. In the visit, classified and stacked waste materials revealed a sense of loose rhythm and order. This made the facility look like a natural ecosystem, from which, the “industrial relic” roughly imagined by our designers became increasingly clear. Through the translucent PMMA cover that forms the head of this oceanic organism-like life, people can see its “drive”, a scrap engine ever installed in a vehicle manufactured by China National Heavy Duty Truck Group.



The experience of site selection for the project and the visit to the material recycle facility feels like two different tracks which eventually meet at their common destination thanks to the delighting and surprising fate. For the purpose of seeking and harmonizing the future living space and the universal value of environmental sustainability, the design process began with the thinking of ocean and civilization and the use of experimental material and ultimately constructed the business space that perfectly conveys core values of the brand.



Photography with courtesy of Leaping Creative


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