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Human Impact And Presence On Earth In Tom Hegen’s Works


Tom Hegen works as a Photographer and Designer in Munich, Germany.

He focuses on aerial photography projects that show the impact of human presence on earth and landscapes that have been heavily transformed by human intervention. These amazing shoots in our selection of works are showing the positive and fairytale-like atmosphere caused by a human factor. Selection oriented to the series of Cultivation, Aquaculture, and Greenhouse focuses on questions concerning the food industry and yet seems to be bringing the inspiration for a future while making the ordinary jobs unexpectedly attractive.


Tom’s tendency to create high-quality materials encourages us to consider the possibilities of the depth of our perception, its role, and the ability to guide through the process of recognizing value of positive mental atmosphere in our everyday lives. Surreal images of  Earth’s surface caused by technological mediums as well as by time itself are showing the inevitability of change, be it self-occurring or human-intended. Rather than assigning the effects of technology to the post-apocalyptic mood, mysterious lights in fields through the night seen in The Greenhouse series are demonstrating technological development with a magical tone in service of inspiring humankind.




Photography with courtesy of Tom Hegen


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