Wutopia Lab’s Gift “For The Infinite Few” In Sinan Books Poetry Store


Wutopia Lab has completed Sinan Books poetry store with the concept of ‘Church in church’, using 45 tons of steel in the historic site of St. Nicholas Church in Shanghai.

As the largest professional poetry bookstore in Shanghai, it offers 1000 poetry books in different languages. A continuation of Wutopia Lab’s design style, magical realism based on antithesis, perforated steel plates, translucent, uncertain light, color, and dramatic poetry could be found in this poetry store.



With light strips on the wall, readers could figure out the original outline of the church and tell which part is newly add-on. East and west part of the church was transformed into a café. Contracting to the silver metal bookstore, the chocolate color of the café makes mild and cozy atmosphere.

In the silver bookstore, a balcony was transformed into a golden pulpit. Here you can see how the steel bookstore and the old masonry church are interwoven without touch. The poet should recite aloud in this noble place. “When people come to the world, if they cannot make others better, they will make them worse.”-Eliot



On the day of completion, I walked up the spiral staircase shrouded in blue light. I stood in front of the pulpit and whispered my own sentence, “I love poetry, and I use it to create the world.” The Sinan Books poetry store I designed is a gift “For the infinite few” (Jiménez). It is the soul of Shanghai.



Photography with courtesy of Wutopia Lab


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