Alexey Gulesha Joins The Extremes Of Tactile Perception


Beach Hotel’s interior designed by Alexey Gulesha from studio Sivak Partners is based on tactile rather than just visual contrast of its details.

The design of this interior was inspired by the JB movies from 80th. The intent was for it to be luxurious, liberated while showing a contrast between brutal cave-looking walls and many cozy zones within.

Bath bowl in the same material as the entire floor in this room contributes a sense of relaxing within a spring. It grows smoothly from the surface of the floor and is similar to a small pool that arose on the floor under the influence of natural forces. A smart glass between the toilet and bath area provides privacy in becoming opaque during its use.



Workspace designed without any chest of drawers rather focuses on the environment of the hotel while engaging the visitor into the activities of relaxing nature, at the beautiful beach and surrounding. The choice of materials relies upon the idea of this digital era, where the work is deduced to spending time sitting at the desk.

We actually want to see and feel something natural, something that will deliver our thoughts beyond barriers of the isolated working environment. Steel desk cut within this big slice of rock joins the impossible, eons of difference defined by human society development of its technology and the building power of nature itself. Rock shelf as a hidden feature allows metaphorical detail provided with a possibility to find what is “set in stone”.



The lounge area opposed to the kitchen seems cozy and convenient. It is designed for evening chill, reading, texting, and unintrusive social interaction. The kitchen area as strong and aggressive by form and light creates a contrast with lounge zones. Its soft colors emphasized through the painting in the intent to show today’s absence of cave-looking walls in the architecture became art on its own.



Photography with courtesy of Sivak+Partners

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