Future Play Experiments With Procedural Systems In The Expressive Computer Vision

FuturePlay is an internal initiate at FutureDeluxe where we dedicated one day a week to all of our artists to experiment.

It’s an internal research lab set up to explore new forms of design, moving image, interaction, and visual experiences. Expressive Computer Vision is an exploratory study of procedural systems designed to artistically reinterpret external spatial & visual inputs. We’re setting the rules, but giving up a large chunk of the interpretation to the procedural system. Then we’re curating. It is a kind of human FutureDeluxe -computer collaboration. For the input, we are currently using photography portraits but also moving on to using live-action film and integrate this with spatial AR & VR systems for further studies that are launching shortly.




Future-Deluxe-Visual-Atelier-8-Expressive-Computer-Vision 1.jpg


All images with courtesy of FutureDeluxe


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