The HELIOT EMIL™ AW20 Invites The Into The Experimental And Innovative Universe

The HELIOT EMIL™ AW20 show titled ‘AMORPHOUS SOLID’ invites the audience into the experimental and innovative universe of HELIOT EMIL.

The experience pushes the understanding of a runway show through an audio and visual presentation. Placed in the center of a 360-degree space, the viewer is encouraged to utilize the use of gyroscope on their phone to maneuver the universe. Viewers can tailor their own experience, models appear spatially in the universe moving in irregular patterns, revealing intricate details of the garments. Inspired by the collection narrative; Amorphous solid forms of matter with no particular pattern in the compound construction that can be shaped and morphed, but are still solid, the show explores shape-ability in relation matter. 


This experimental approach is a cornerstone of HELIOT EMIL, driven by designer Julius Juul’s creative undertaking in form and function concerning technology. The AW20 collection titled ‘AMORPHOUS SOLID’ explores the ever-changing and morphing forms of matter. Amorphous solids are solid forms of matter with no particular pattern in the compound constructions. These solids can be shaped and morphed, but are still solids. Whether a material is a liquid or solid depends primarily on the connectivity between its elementary building blocks.

Glass as an example has interchangeable molecules at the transitional temperature where the material shifts from liquid to solid. This tension and the interesting melting point where these two separate forms of matter meet and this idea of ever-changing and morphing forms of matter is what inspired the AW20 collection.  Constructing with the familiar HELIOT EMIL silhouettes, designer Julius Juul experiments with morphing forms concerning the functionality of the garments and the perception of the fabrics.






Photography with courtesy of HELIOT EMIL™

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