INO Creates Large Scale Murals With Powerful Social Commentaries


INO is a visual artist from Greece that creates paintings and large scale murals. His works can be found worldwide, from Europe to North and South America. “Melting Earth” made by INO for Bloop Festival in Ibiza, Spain is another of countless allegories this artist brings to the existence to remind on the irretrievable moments, truth and dangers we see as lesser only because of those yet far away.


These unique street visuals had been recognized by world-leading media as powerful social commentaries. There is no doubt INO improves cultural aspects of the environments he is enriching with his works yet we see those as a potential solution that could improve even social norms themselves. This memorable approach to the visual expression creates a special mood of admiration and wonder that is of the highest values for living humans on Earth.

“You are poor if you have everything and you don’t fight for something.” – INO



All visuals with courtesy of INO

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