A-G Studio Incorporates Avant-Garde Elements Into Casa Hoyos Experience

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Conceived as a display of vernacular architecture, Casa Hoyos reborns in an eclectic atmosphere to offer a genuine hospitality experience.

Located in downtown San Miguel de Allende, historic town proclaimed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the iconic property has belonged to the Hoyos family for four generations. Today, it boasts its distinctive colonial features while incorporating avant-garde elements developed through regional artisanal techniques, like glazed ceramic, pasta tiles, and clay slabs. Other signature elements of Mexican modernism, such as pure concrete, textured glass, tiling, steel framing, and black contours, constitute a transition that goes from historic and traditional to emotional and vibrant.

This range captures a contemporary essence that highlights clean lines and the texture of the materials. The re-imagining of the interior architecture was commissioned to AG Interior Studio. The starting point was the style of an old Spanish manor, where tradition and different metaphors speak to one another and, through color and geometric patterns, evoke the different businesses housed within the property, ranging from a seed and grain store to the first currency exchange bureau.

In each of its 16 rooms, Mexican design is introduced through pieces such as the lamps by Editora Nacional, the Calaca armchairs by Comité de Proyectos, the mirrored plant pots by Paloma Layseca, and the woven tapestries by Meli Ávila, which together highlight a custom-designed environment for the newest chapter in the history of this space. The privileged location of Casa Hoyos allows visitors to enjoy the most beautiful sunsets from its terrace. There, BEKEB will delight them through an original artisanal mixology menu based on several Mexican agaves, plants, flowers, and roots, paired with tapas inspired in Mexican culinary tradition.

The menu at BEKEB is crafted by creative mixologist Fabiola Padilla, who is returning to Mexico after collaborating with Enrique Olvera at Cosme, New York. As a homage to its family legacy, Casa Hoyos Boutique Hotel stands at a historical estate in the heart of San Miguel de Allende, proclaimed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Within its carefully maintained common areas and each of its 16 rooms, a dialogue takes place between colonial architecture and the vibrant contemporary dynamism of Mexican design.

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Photography by Diego Padilla with courtesy of A-G Studio


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