All Design Studio Upgrades The Shopping Experience Within A Crème Boutique


Crème Boutique designed by All Design Studio is a high-end womenswear retail space and shopping experience.

Its difference from other stores is the owner herself is also a fashion designer. The curated high-quality products are not only selected with her own touch but also highlight her collaboration with All Design Studio’s original designs exhibited by the interiors of Crème Boutique. The name “Crème” (cream in English) was inspired by the original color of cashmere, which is the main product of the shop. Additionally, cream is known as the finest part separated from milk, a parallel to cashmere as the finest form of wool. The design of the space is based on the texture and color of the cream, bringing a vision of softness and refinement to the store. The main shape was inspired by a double-layered cream cake.



The shop is located on the ground floor of a department store, a rectangular space with 120 square meters and 6 meters of floor height. To attract guests into the space, the designer embellished the door handle with a vibrant light. An arc-shaped wall at the entrance leads the customers first to the coffee lounge area. Overlapping changes at the end of the arc-shaped wall and light were used to draw the shape of “C,” which is another visual nod to the name of the store.

To maintain an openness to the space, the designer increased the size of the mezzanine to the edge of the space. In order to create the best shopping experience, the designer considered the flow of guests in the space, so the designer chose an arc-shaped fitting room in the center. At the end of the space, the designer used a contrasting blueberry color as an unexpected surprise for visitors. The jewelry window inside the blue/purple space symbolizes gems inside a jewelry box.



This colorful area includes a lounge area, fitting room, and an accessory display. The space could also be a private area for VIP customers. Within the space, there is also a door that leads to another cream-colored space outside. It is designed not only for customers but also for sales representatives to reach out to the main shopping area without interrupting other VIP customers inside the space. The designer chose to use a crisscrossed arc-shape pattern on the ground to mirror the texture of cream.

Soft toned rose-colored marble was selected to emphasize the checkout counter. The large windows inside the shop provide sufficient light to the space, so the designer chose to set up a coffee lounge here to upgrade the shopping experience. The maroon color spiral stairs leads to an office upstairs. It was also designed to be a photographable spot for clients. The complex curved structure of the ceilings and the walls are intended to present a cleaner space, hiding all the necessary pipes inside.




Photography with courtesy of All Design Studio

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