Dan Lam Crafts Colorful Art Of Neon Drips, Blobs, And Squishes

Dan Lam-Visual Atelier 8-Art-10

Born in the Philippines in 1988, artist Dan Lam cultivates upon our incessant yet human interest in the oddities of texture.

The goopy, the spiky, the wildly chromatic, the gravity-defying aspects all come together in Lam’s eccentric imagination. Her art brings to life all these peculiar and fascinating quirks in a way that is visually gripping. The art itself is enhanced further with an innate sophistication that comes with practicality. The pieces can be placed over edges, ledges, walls, and even iPhones as fully functional cases.

Dan Lam effortlessly proves her fondness for the colorful things in life, finding new ways to celebrate neon color palettes without making it seem repetitive. Lam’s work is appealing to viewers so much that one feels the inescapable urge to reach out and touch. One could essentially feel the art just by viewing it from afar due to the great detail Lam incorporates into her work. They almost seem like their very own beings, sent straight from some supernatural realm or otherworldly planet, simply hurled from space one night.

Dan Lam-Visual Atelier 8-Art-5.jpeg

The stories and interpretations are endless with Dan Lam’s body of work, especially when regarding the life-size sculptures. The amazingly larger than life auras these works of art carry are commendable. These blobs and squishes have made appearances in places all over the United States such as New York, California, Oregon, Philadelphia, and Texas. Dan Lam’s mind’s eye is submerged in a world of imaginary color and transcendence, her works are a direct and impressive extension of such surreal visions.

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Dan Lam-Visual Atelier 8-Art


All images with courtesy of Dan Lam


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