Jeong Greem Transforms Silicon Tubes Into Single Drawing-Like Furniture


Jeong Greem transforms silicon tubes, the construction material, into single drawing-like furniture.

The ‘Mono’ series, which is composed of rhythmic lines and inspires imaginations, is the product of curiosity about mundane, everyday material. Let’s imagine drawing three-dimensionally on space when you imagine it as a drawing paper. Jeong’s furniture, consisting of winding curves like an animal’s tail, is slightly outside of the frame of the standard furniture.

This is because the furniture was made by digging into ‘lines’, one of the basic elements of modeling, and not complying with the fixed form of furniture that comes into your head first. The object stands still in one place, but it feels as dynamic as a living creature.


The use of bold colors and stretching lines is impressive. Mono steps outside of the existing process of making furniture and creates furniture made of a single line like drawing. The Mono series first started by removing the seats, backs, and legs that are the fundamental components of chairs. Since it was more like a ‘sitting object’ rather than a general chair, question marks were naturally drawn into people’s minds.

As intended, many viewers asked whether it was furniture or installation. While planning furniture of ‘line’ crossing the space, she discovered silicon tubes, which were the construction material used to protect wires and pipes or as part of a machine and the features of the material were interesting as it was flexible and tender. Silicon tubes are just ‘components’ that are laid inside walls or floors when constructing buildings, and are difficult to encounter in daily life.


Such industrial components were used as the main material of the furniture. Due to the properties of silicon tubes, they are not affected by any external shock, temperature or humidity from remarkable durability and are waterproof. Tubes made in desired colors are placed on a steel frame that is connected like a single line, as befits the working title ’Mono’. The intuitive approach by avoiding a normal process of producing furniture resulted in the creation of a formative and functional object.

Since the furniture begins and ends with lines, there is great potential for endless variations. The designer is expanding her scope of work by experimenting with a variety of materials. She can also produce by changing materials, including fur, velvet, and steel, besides silicon. In addition, it leaves room for various scales of work, from a small object to a large sculpture.




All images with courtesy of Jeong Greem

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