KAYA Combines Different Approaches In Creating New Decon Series


Decon Series’ is KAYA’s new project. Decon has come from the word ‘Deconstruction’.

Elements of the table can be deconstructed into circle figures, table’s bead-like legs are separable (10cm each) and those circle figure elements also can be re-constructed. Decon Series embraces modification, re-sizing, re-composing,  which means Decon Series embraces user’s space environment, their physical conditions, their movements, and their imaginations.


Furthermore what she wants to deliver and achieve through this project is blurring black and white. Makers and users, appreciation and function, art and life. They are not separated. Decon Series: table and stool, their manufacturing methods are somewhat opposite. The table requires more industrial processes, it is made of acrylic and stainless steel, whilst stool is rather a craft approach. The stool is made of acrylic and resin, hence it has its own unique color pattern. Table and stool size is designed to fit together, like a patterned set.





All images with courtesy of KAYA


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