LLand Explores Architectural Ideas In Ozark Giraffe Furniture Collection


The Ozark Giraffe Chair and Ottoman are made from an inflatable furniture set clad in Oklahoma fieldstone masonry.

This piece represents the artist’s personal appreciation for the physical characteristics, permanence, and labor-intensive construction of masonry. Ozark Giraffe is the colloquial name for the masonry pattern vernacular to the Ozark region of the USA. Fabricated in 2019 by Rachel Shillander, of LLand, in her Los Angeles Studio. The set is part of an ongoing series of household objects and furniture which explores architectural ideas at the accessible scale of furniture objects.

LLand is the building based, art and design studio practice of Rachel Shillander. Rachel is formally educated and trained as an architect, and is currently pursuing her license. The studio work is focused on both architecture and the objectification of its construction systems into accessible scale functional maquettes. These works explore concepts of architectural ethics, place, material, time, the human condition, and how they inform one another for the sake of quality. She was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, California where she currently lives, works, and practices.



All images with courtesy of LLand Studio


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