Sarpanch House By Neogenesis+Studi0261 Stands Out While Keeping A Privacy


Situated in a small village called Talangpore, this iconic and introvert abode is designed keeping in mind the profession of the dweller.

The context of the house resembles a very rural setup, sharing a common wall with a cowshed, an open ground for pasture on the other side and opposite side being old traditional houses. Head of the family being Sarpanch (head) of the village gave a very brief requirement of the way the structure should stand out from the surroundings as well as the privacy of the house should be maintained. The divergence of the massing is created through dead cubes and powder-coated wood finished aluminum pipes as a screen.



This adds to the overall massing without compromising on view and ventilation. These masses which are vivid in nature yet are co-existing ideally, articulate the function of the house forming a volumetric elevation. The organization of spaces on the ground floor revolves around the central courtyard, creating an indifferent entry on the other side of the living room for the office space on a level above.

The elemental tranquil coil-like staircase creates unique humor as one enters through the main gate. The humor of this staircase continues as viewed from the living room, in a way that during the transition the privacy of the family is unhindered. Contemporary needs and rural context helped to frame the color palette of the house. Earthy tones and exquisite furniture intermingle to create a unique outlook.






Photography by Ishita Sitwala with courtesy of Neogenesis+Studi0261


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