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SVOYA Studio Renews The “Hello BABY” Children Center Of Dnipro City


The “Hello BABY” children’s center is located on the first floor of a residential complex in the central part of the city of Dnipro.

Initially, the architects of SVOYA STUDIO had the task to design a new additional space for the existing center with their own identity. In the process, the name and branding were developed anew by Alexander Sidorenko, according to a new design concept. The children’s center, with an area of 517 m2, includes the entrance group, combines a reception, a mini-coffee house and a store of themed products. From this space, there is an exit to a corridor that runs through the entire center. This disposition provides for the prospect of expanding the space. The corridor has a game function and is equipped with stylized seating.



From the reception, you can immediately get to the gym (as well as the entrance to it is provided from the changing rooms). The gym works for both children’s audience and for parents’ classes, having a separate adult locker room with showers. The office for administration and teachers is also located as close as possible to the entrance area.

The club has several bathrooms – for children (male and female), for adults and for staff (with a shower area), 3 large classrooms, two of which can be combined and one adapted for the «quiet hour». 3 rooms for individual lessons, an administrative and economic block of premises, the music room and the room for creativity.


A certain difficulty was represented by sewer risers, or rather their “deficit”, but this issue was successfully resolved. When designing, attention was paid to a convenient scheme of interconnection of premises and transits to them, as well as the possibility of increasing the area of “Hello BABY»



Photography by Alexander Angelovskyi with courtesy of SVOYA Studio


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