Adam Cornish’s Wooden Hammock Mimics The Human Spine


Adam Cornish is a multidisciplinary designer working from his independent design studio in Melbourne Australia.

Adam aims to create honest accessible products developed through research and by allowing products to find their natural expression. By combining strong, simple design solutions with a palette of natural tactile materials Adam strives to create individual products with visual and physical longevity.

“I am very interested in nature and our natural environment. When you look at nature you see how all the different organisms have evolved and adapted to suit their environments. I like to think of design in a similar manner. If you look at your work as merely a rung on a ladder, slowly steering products in a certain direction, hopefully simplifying and improving them as we go.”


The Wooden Hammock was designed as an alternative to the common cloth hammock. Although made from wood, the design is flexible and comfortable due to the rubber vertebra which allows the wooden segments to move, mimicking the human spine. Manufactured and hand-finished from Solid Sustainable FSC Timbers each hammock and the material used to produce support sustainable forest management standards and ethical chains of custody. The product interlocks and nests for reduced shipping volume, further minimizing the product’s environmental footprint.





All images with courtesy of Adam Cornish Design

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