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CEKAI’s New Design At The NIKE BY YOU Platform

‘’NIKE BY YOU’ is a platform where consumers can customize the designs and materials for their shoes as they want.

And the graphic designer MACCIU, who belongs to creative association CEKAI, has designed new shoes ‘MACCIU BY YOU’ based on the completely new shoes NIKE ZOOM TYPE with the theme of ‘Choice = Possibility’, which means ‘All is up to you’. For the shooting of the video, although having the limitation of producing the video during the COVID-19 pandemic, we took the limitation positively and challenged ourselves to use various new ways such as using video chats, inspiration by the ideas of smartphone apps, as well as 3D models, etc.


At the same time, MACCIU held the exhibition ‘CHOICE BY MACCIU’ in the 3D space on the internet for the first time. We introduced automatic works via “TOUR”. Using the frame capture feature, we utilized “AR” to connect the work and the reality of the audience. This was a completely new type of exhibition, “CHOICE”, where the audience could experience purchasing and eventually receiving the actual work while existing in a virtual space.





Director: Kota Iguchi

Art Director: Macciu


Gaffer: Yasuyuki Suzuki(Ydot)

Chief: Kosuke Matsushita

Art: Yuichi Ishida (Almond Co.,Ltd.)

Stylist: Shohei Kashima (W inc.)

HMU: Mahiro Watanabe

CG Producer: Tatsuro Hayashi(Ludens Co.,Ltd)

3DCG Director: Sangyom Kim(2H ibc,)

3DCG Designer: Okino Masahiro(2H ibc,)

3D SCAN: Yosuke Kuboe(L’espace Vision Co.,Ltd.)

3D SCAN: Toshihiko Nakajima(L’espace Vision Co.,Ltd.)

Virtual Camera Engineer: Junnosuke Hara

Online Editor: Shunsuke Endo(KICKS)

Colorist: Bryan Smaller(Company 3)

Color Producer: Mario Castro(Company 3)

Music: Satoshi Murai(MURAIMURA)

Producer: Taro Mikami

Producer: Naoya Watanabe

Producer: Wataru Watanabe

Bilingual Production Manager: Shinichiro Ohira

Production Assistant: Takahiro Kawahara

Production: CEKAI


Designer / Art Director: MACCIU

Creative Director: Kota Iguchi

Front-End Engineer: Shunjiro Miyauchi(YAYA Co., Ltd)

Back-End Engineer: Yoshiaki Kawazu(ZUNN System Co., Ltd)

3DCG Director: Sangyom Kim(2H ibc,)

3DCG Designer: Okino Masahiro(2H ibc,)

Web Designer: Toi Yamada

Music: Satoshi Murai(MURAIMURA)

Printing: Munemasa Yano(CASTLE FACTORY)

Photographer: Yutaro Tagawa

EPK Director: Mess

Web Producer: Akinori Kanai

CG Producer: Tatsuro Hayashi(Ludens Co.,Ltd)

Sales Producer: Akio Kato

Artist Management: Ai Miyabe

Promotion: Yohei Fujii

Producer: Taro Mikami

Producer: Wataru Watanabe

Production Assistant: Kana Fukuda

Production: CEKAI

Images with courtesy of CEKAI



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