EDA Seeks To Facilitate Holistic Skill Development


Kai Early Years, designed by Education Design Architects (EDA), emerges as the culmination of over 35 years of specialized practice in the domain of education and early years’ learning.

Tapping into the potential for one’s environment to become one’s third teacher – after their parents and their tutor – EDA’s design strategies, best demonstrated at Kai Early Years, aim at facilitating exploration and self-study through spatial design. EDA’s work seeks to facilitate holistic skill development beyond the rigors of traditional curricular practices that favor top-down instruction. This stands especially pertinent in the Indian sub-continent, where the least educated and the most sought-after skilled resources often reside within the same urban ecosystem. Combining the best of Montessori methods and pioneering research in the field of neurological and social development of young children, the project embodies architecture’s potential to incite learning, model positive behavior, and boost development in the youngest demographic – providing a precedent for its ability to impact lives and create meaningful social infrastructure.







Photography by © Noughts and Crosses with courtesy of Education Design Architects (EDA)


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